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travis epperson
I've had Bob Tod at FutureShoxs work on my KTM suspension for the past few years now. I've been sponsored by various suspension companies, large and small, in the past. The attention, service and quality I receive from FutureShoxs is second to none. From trail riding to racing, FutureShoxs has been able to make my suspension better then I've ever had it..........usually after wasting gobs of money at some "well-known" company. FutureShoxs knows KTMs! Bob has ridden and raced KTMs for years and knows them better then anyone I've ever met. The attention to detail is impeccable due to the fact that the owner is doing all the work personally. Not too many companies can say that. Thanks for helping me be a better and safer rider Bob!!

Travis Epperson
AA - Pro AMRA Racer

"Bob has been working on mine and my son's trail bike's and race bike's suspension for almost 10 years. He is always willing to listen to what you want and redo it if necessary to fine tune things. He will also take things apart and show you what he is doing as kind of a "show and tell". I would recommend Bob to anyone looking to dial in their suspension. Plus, he tells good stories."

Marshall Gerston
A - Level Rider/Racer AMRA Series
Max Gerston
AA - Pro Rider/Racer AMRA Series
Amateur Endurocross Series

My last two dirt bike suspensions were successfully modified by Bob Tod. A CRF 302 Honda with Ohlin dampeners/TMX shock and a 2010 KTM 150cc with stock suspension components. Both bikes have a common philosophy for their suspension systems. Ideal for rough off-road/enduro riding. Rocks, sand, tight trail riding. His work has produced the best handling motorcycles I’ve ever owned.

Howard Utsey
Baja 500 1st 1973
Baja 1000 2nd 1974

Bob Tod rides the same technically challenging trails I do. There are sharp-edged rocks - some loose - some half buried. There are loose, rocky uphills. There are 10 foot drop-offs we jump down in rocky washes, and solid rock (dry) waterfalls we often ride UP. I don't believe the KTM factory has ever seriously considered that any of their bikes would ever see this type of terrain. With Bob's suspension set-up, my '06 KTM 300 soaks up all the above and more, without bottoming and without harshness. Most important of all, I don't have to "fight the bike" on these challenging trails - I can concentrate on "taking the good line", and I know the bike will go where I point it! Bob does great work, for a good price, and with a quick turn-around. FutureShoxs Rocks!

Gary Jorgensen
A - Level Enduro Rider